Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Popstar Novel

So...this is a story I've been writing for a while!  It's about a girl named Danielle who goes to the beach with her two best friends.  While there, she falls in love with two of the boys and is shocked to learn that they are part of the biggest boyband in the world.  I absolutely love it, but apparently I've written 20,000 words on it....

If you want to read more, nanomail me at YWP NaNoWriMo as OneWithNoName (say where you came from!) or you can email me....wait, does my email show up on here?  Oh well.  :)  

Well, enjoy!  :D


You know how you can get really excited and can’t sleep, no matter how tired you are or how much you need it?  I had that, and it was awful and fun.
It was July 28th, tomorrow it would be the July 29th.  I frequently looked at the calendar hung on my wall, checking to see if tomorrow was really Monday the 29th.  It was.  The huge circle around it was obvious, and the texts from Evangeline and Taylor were living proof on my iPhone.
I gave another excited squeal and jumped onto my bed, trying to close my eyes and fall asleep, even though I hadn’t even changed into my pajama’s and my lights were still on.  I gave up.  It also didn’t help that Tyler Rush--my favorite popstar artist who could also sing but was very good looking--was blaring.  I wasn’t worried though.  At this hour, my family would be asleep, and I should, too.  I wasn’t a night owl, more of an early bird, and I was so exhausted, but I was much to excited for tomorrow.
I looked at my bags again on the floor by the door, and went through them again, checking to see if I had everything.  In the wee hours of the morning I would pack my iPhone and books and all that other stuff that could wait until tomorrow.
I then sat down at the edge of my bed, looking at my bedroom.  I gotten my room when I was sixteen, two years ago.  It used to be my dad’s never used workroom, but that summer (my birthday was in May) I got to work.  I painted the walls cream.  I got a beautiful four poster bed, with white bedding and teal and brown pillows.  I had a huge bookshelf and a long desk, filled with papers, pens, sketches, my laptop, and candy hidden under my homework.  The floor was carpet, and I had a beautiful ceiling fan.  My brother’s didn’t have one in their room, but I made my mom get one for me when I did my room.
I smiled and lay sprawled out on bed, grabbing my worn, adorable stuffed animal wolf.  I had gotten him when I was two from my grandma, affectionately giving him the name ‘Wolfy.’  I still slept with him, and I sometimes felt embarrassed when new friends and guy friends came over to study with me and see him, but hey: I had always slept with Wolfy, and he was comfortable.  But I wouldn’t bring him when I would go to college.  That was why I was so excited for tomorrow.
I wouldn’t go to college until the fall semester when I was eighteen, but my best friends: Taylor and Evangeline, would be going as well, just to different schools.  We were BFF’s, but when Evangeline’s parents divorced when she was nine, she finally decided to go stay with her dad in Chicago when she was fifteen, while Taylor’s multi-billionaire dad didn’t have any more business in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I lived.  We hadn’t seen each since last Christmas, when Taylor begged us to come out for her eighteenth birthday in Los Angeles, in December, even flying me out.
We all missed each other terribly, but who knows when we would see each other again?  That was why I was so excited for tomorrow: I had come up with the idea of going to the wonderful, beautiful white beaches of North and South Carolina for two weeks, just the three of us, having the time of our lives, getting a tan, late nights, and talking about boys while getting mani and pedis, blaring Tyler Rush and whoever else the girls had discovered since we last saw each other.  Tomorrow, my Dad would drive me down to an airport about two hours away (though we safely had one in Charlotte), where I would pick up Taylor.  She had already rented a car, and we would go and pick up Evangeline at another airport another hour away, since her flight had unexpectedly changed last night.  Finally, we would drive to the beach for two hours, and stay there for two weeks.  Taylor had rented a beach house with her dad’s money (he had so much he wouldn’t notice that it had disappeared and maybe even Taylor), and by the pictures it looked amazing.  It was right on the beach, and only about a twenty minutes away from the mall and ‘civilization.’
This was why I was so excited, and I knew that I didn’t want to be grumpy for my friends since I needed my beauty sleep though it was sometimes a ‘waste of time’ for me, but I couldn’t.
I was lost in my thoughts, smoothing the hair on Wolfy, when there was a knock, and a sleepy eyed mom came home, dressed in a bathrobe.  She squinted in the light, and I turned off the light, so only the glow of my computer and bedside lamp was on.
“Hey, Dani,” she whispered hoarsely, sitting on the edge of my bed.
“Hey, mom,” I whispered.
“Why aren’t you asleep?  Do you know how late it is?” asked Mom.
I looked at my wrist watch, and saw it was 2:13.  I groaned.  
Mom chuckled softly.  “Can you go to sleep now?  It is really late.  Maybe it would help if you turn down Tyler Rush and turn off the lights,” she said with a half grin, leaning over to turn down the volume on my radio thing.
I smiled.  “OK, mom.”  We hugged and said goodnight, and my mom left.  I turned  off Tyler Rush and turned on more soothing, sleeping music, and somehow managed to brush my teeth, now thoroughly exhausted.  I didn’t even change my clothes before I collapsed in my bed, and finally managed to close my eyes and fall asleep.

“Dani!  Dani!  Danielle!  Get up!” shouted Bree.
I looked up slowly from the pillows, and glared at my five year old sister.
“Go away!” I growled, trying to push her.
She danced away gleefully, a huge smile on her face.  “Not yet!  Mom said you have to be ready to go in thirty minutes, for serious this time, or else you aren’t going to be able to go to the beach.”
My eyes flew open.  “What time is it?” I cried in a half strangled voice.  I looked at my watch, and saw it was eight o’clock.  How did I sleep that late?  “What didn’t you wake me up before?” I cried at Bree.
She looked at me, laughing.  “I did!  An hour away!  You woke up and said you would get up, and then you fall back asleep!”
I vaguely remembered that, and I groaned, pinching myself to get up.  “OK, OK, I surrender.  Thanks, sugar,” I said, patting Bree’s locks.  “You can go, I’ll get up now.”
Bree danced away, and I reached over and turned on my radio, and changed it to Tyler Rush.  Music was a big part of my life, and I could play piano and guitar very well along with violin, and I had an amazing voice.  I didn’t listen to the new pop music very often, but our family loved Tyler Rush--practically the only artist I ever listened to--and it was a very good way to get you up when you were more or less dead.
I jumped into the shower and wiped away the sleep, getting clean with cold water, which woke me up.  I leaped out very fast, and I brushed my naturally curly hair so it was straight, and ran the straight iron really fast through my hair.  I then pulled on the clothes I laid out the other night.  A white t-shirt, shorts, and a really cute pale green-blue over shirt that was left open, complete with a hat.  I put my long hair up in a loose bun for now so it wouldn’t get in my face, and scrambled around, finish packing all my stuff.
Thirty minutes Dad came in, smiling as I dashed around, trying in vain to find my headphones.  “Hey, Danielle,” he said.
I looked up.  “Oh, hey, Dad.”
“Ready to go?”
“Erm, more or less.  Can you take the bags out to the car while I find my headphones?”
“You mean these headphones?” he said, pulling out some headphones from his jacket.
“Where did you find those?”
“Courtesy of Dylan,” he said, my eleven year old brother.
I grinned and grabbed them.  “Thanks!”
He took my stuff out to the car while I downed some fruit shake that mom made for breakfast.  I said goodbye to all my siblings: Dylan, Lily who was eight, Bree, and baby Cole who was two.  I hugged mom tightly, and she told me to be very safe and be responsible, and not get into trouble and call every day, and don’t swim away and be careful when I went swimming, and don’t talk to strangers and be wary of cute boys, and that list that mom’s could come up whenever they were worried when their kids left.  I grinned and rolled my eyes.  “Bye, Mom!” I said, hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.
“Bye, Dani!” my family yelled.
I grabbed my bag and then jumped in my dad’s car, waving goodbye.  While I put some make up on, my Dad just drove with a grin on his face.  When I finished, I looked at him and we made small talk, talking about small things.  I could lead the conversation where I wanted it to go often.  The radio was off.  Even though music was a huge part of my life, I loved talking, and in my parent’s cars, the radio was a no no.
Dad wasn’t a big talker, he liked more to disappear, but when he did you sort of had to listen to him.  He was easy to talk to, and soon we were at the gas station where we would pick up Taylor.
I couldn’t contain my excitement, and Dad smiled at me as I bounced in the passenger street.  Finally, we pulled up into the gas station.  A beautiful, tall girl with gorgeous auburn curls looked up from where she was texting on her iPhone, leaning against a cool silver car, a Benz CL550 or something.  (My dad was a crazy car person, and when you were on the pot for a long time those magazines were slightly interesting.)
She glanced up when we pulled in, but turned back to her phone.  I squealed and wanted to jump out.  But then I asked if I could surprise her.  I asked Dad to pull in as if to get gas, and I would jump out, where Taylor wouldn’t see me.
I then leaped out of the car, and snuck up to Taylor.  With a shout, I attacked her.
Taylor screamed and jumped up and went to hit me--courtesy of taking Tai Kwan Du since four--but then she screamed with joy when she saw me.  We both hugged each other, squealing as we jumped up and down like idiots.  A few people stopped and stared.
“Taylor!” I said, giving her a huge hug.
Dani!” she cried, giving me a tight hug.
“How are you?” I cried.
“I’m great!  And you?”
“Great now that you’re here!”  We both hugged again.  “You look so amazing!” I said, looking at Taylor.  Besides having beautiful hair, she had beautiful almond shaped light brown eyes and a perfect face, not to mention tall and perfectly proportioned.  She was dressed as stylish as she always was: short jeans, a cute white tanktop, and then a blue button up blouse over it.
“Aw, shucks!  You look fabulous, too, love!” she said, giving me another hug.  We giggled.  I went inside the gas station and bought some candy and went to the bathroom.
When I came out, Dad and Taylor had transferred my bags to Taylor’s rental car.  I gave Dad a huge hug, and he said for me to be very careful but also have fun, and he would drive all the way down to pick me up if I felt like I needed to leave.  I thanked him for driving and said goodbye, and then he was gone.  Then I turned to Taylor.  “Party time!” we both screamed.
“Can I drive?” I said.
“Nope!  It is my car and I want to!” she said.  I was only joking but I laughed, and I slid into the passenger seat.  Taylor blared on the radio and she began to drive, all the windows down, making our long hair ‘billow in the wind.’
We laughed and giggled and talked about boys and life and what we would do at the beach.  The subject changed to boyfriends.  Six months ago my perfect boyfriend dumped me, and I wasn’t to keen on getting another one.  Taylor went through boys as quick as she went through clothes, but Evangeline was the sensitive one that had her heart ripped out and stamped on.
In a lowered voice as if Evangeline was riding in the back, Taylor explained to me that Cash was real serious with Evangeline.  But when she discovered that Cash was taking drugs and not to mention sleeping with women, Evangeline dumped him and sobbed.  This was about a month ago, before we planned the beach trip, and whenever Taylor called her--which was frequently--Evangeline would be in tears.
As Taylor told me about Cash, I glared at the road.  How dare he do that to my best friend!  Looking at my face, Taylor laughed as she usually did when she was nervous.  “All right Dani, let’s turn on the radio again.”
She turned it on, and we sang to the familiar lyrics, until a new song came up.  It was the huge one, the one that kids would sing all the time and drive everyone crazy.  The lyrics were amazing and the voices were great at singing.  When the song ended I stared at Taylor in shock.  “They...they sounded better than Tyler Rush!” I cried.
She laughed.  “I know!”
“They were boys, right?”
“Oh yeah.  And they are so cute!” squealed Taylor excitedly.  “They’re called One Direction, and there are five boys that are the cutest!”

Well, there you go! Did you like it? Yes, no? And yes and no. This story is NOT about One Direction! The boys in here are NOT them, and though I do massively love 1D, it is not about them, though it was definetely inspired! I need to come up with a new band any ideas? Leave any of them in the comments! :D



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  2. Its a very good idea and story but there are a few things that don't make sense and distract from the story.. How are texts 'living proof'? He liked more to disappear is a really weird way to phrase that. You might want to look read through it again and look for the sentences and words that don't flow well. Oh! Also hello to a fellow NaNo-er and Directioner!

    1. Yes, I know! There are lots of minor errors in there since I haven't read it or edited it yet, but hey: that's what Nano tells you do to! :)
      OOOH!! FELLOW DICTIONER!! YESH! Who is thou favorite? ;)

  3. Love it Emily!!!!!!!!