Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Pirate Sisters

I really liked my Clara and the Nutcracker story, but it wasn't working for me so I changed it to the 'The Pirate Sisters!'

So, basically, it is about four girls:  Victoria (Tori); Isabella (Bella); Elizabeth (Lizzy); and Brielle (Bree) Bensen.  They are all sisters, and are wild.  Their mother and father love them, but they are worried that they shall never be married right, so they send them to London to their stuffy Aunt Victoria's boarding school for 'Proper English Young Ladies.'  But, along the way, their ship gets attacked by pirates that take them for ransom!
Tori falls in love with the handsome and young Captain Adam Steele, when suddenly their ship is attacked by Captain Kelley, the most ruthless pirate in all the seas.  He wants the map that Tori got from an old, strange salior.

It is actually pretty good and I love writing it!  It takes place in the beautiful Caribbean.  I really, really, really want to go there someday!

So that is my novel that I won with for NaNoWriMo.  I haven't finished it yet, but so far I do have 27,636 words, which is really good!  And this time, it has structure!  The novel that I won with last year--the Endless Golden Sands Race which is about a horse in a fantasy world--I just wrote a lot of 'fluff.'  This time, it was way better!  Though, I have to admit, I just reached the climax in my novel!

Below I have the cover, the prologue, and a lovely drawing of Tori which a girl on NaNo drew for me!

This is the cover I made.  It is bigger, I just couldn't find it on my computer!  Don't you just love that blue in the Caribbean sea?  Ah....

This is a drawing that the lovely Vikipedia drew for me on the YWP NaNoWriMo site!  It is a picture of Tori.  Isn't she awesome looking?  I still need to do my own drawing of her, but I love her in this!  So determined.  Here is Vikipedia's Character Drawing Shop:

All right, and now for the prologue of my novel.  Maybe I will post the first chapter if I get a single comment!  I just love comments!  

Now, do not steal this story or idea.  All the ideas, names, and characters are mine, and if the names belong to you, it was completely accidental and unintentional.  I have never heard of a Victoria Bensen.  There will also be a few grammar mistakes, perhaps, but please just ignore them and enjoy the story!

Thank you so much for reading! :)


            The mother walked along, stumbling.
            She was a beautiful creature.  Long light brown hair, beautiful kind blue eyes, and a fair face.  Though she was beautiful, she walked with an heir of authority, and had a determination in her eyes.
            Her long hair was scraggly and dirty, her neck and body were covered with purple bruises, and her once beautiful, brilliant, bright red dress in the latest English fashion was torn and muddy, frayed at the bottom.  But she kept on walking, holding the bundle close to her chest.
            Inside the bundle was her son.  He was very young and innocent, but she was worried for his safety, for his father would surely beat him as she beat her.
            She had ran away from him when they landed on the island.  She had managed to build a raft in the night and escape to the nearby island, Amicia.  She had been working all day, and she had nothing to drink, and her milk was weak.  Soon the baby would wake up and be crying, but since she had nothing to eat she couldn’t feed the nursing milk to the twelve month old baby boy.
            Fall had started, and even though it was always warm in the Caribbean, a cold wind swept by, and the woman shivered.
            But she was almost there.  
            A few hours later it was dusk.  The sun was setting, creating a magnificent portrait of golden and orange and pink and purple across the sparkling darkening waters of the Caribbean. 
            She paused and looked at the bluff and down at the sea.  Yes, her son would do well her, the people she was giving him to, she knew they were good and rich and would raise him as a servant boy.
            She then rounded the hill and there was the mansion.  It was a magnificent thing, three stories high made out of solid cream colored marble, overlooking the sea on the bluff.  It was huge with lots of balconies and greenhouses, and was a sight to behold.
            She walked up and up the steep bluff, and walked up the marble steps.
            She set down the baby gently on the steps, he was still asleep, but when she him down in front of the solid wooden door that must of been imported from America, he squirmed and began to wave his tiny fists and cry.
            She felt a deep longing in her heart.  She couldn’t leave her baby!  But she knew it would be best.  With tears welling in her eyes, she leaned over and planted a kiss on his soft, baby skin forehead.  “I love you.  You’ll be safe.  Remember who you are, William.”
            She then reached into the front of dress and pulled out a wrinkled piece of paper.  The parchment was old and yellowed, yet still firm.  It was ripped on all corners, as if it had been part of a map but had been ripped apart.  She took out the charcoal stub and wrote a quick note on the back of the parchment. 
            The baby began to cry louder, and she was hearing voices from inside the house.  Frantically, she finished the note, placed it on the crying baby, and whispered goodbye, before she disappeared in the dusk.  She never saw him again.

I Won NaNoWriMo 2012!!

Man, it has been a while since I last posted, but I won NANOWRIMO!!!!


OK, so, halfway through November, I decided I didn't like my Nutcracker novel, so I changed it to...THE PIRATE SISTERS!!  Haha!  This was a story that I wrote a while ago, just the first chapter, and I decided that would be my NaNo novel!  So, I planned it all out and did the character sketches for, maybe five days.  And then, I finally opened the dreaded blank document and just began to write!

My wordcount goal was 30,000 but that was bit high since I decided to change my novel.  So I then did 25,000 but lowered it 23,000 and then won with 24,143 words.  WHOO-HOO!!  XD

So, I won!  Happy happy!  For those of you that did NaNo and got 'inspired by this blog' (actually, haha, nobody probably hasn't actually seen it if you already were a NaNoer since I frequently go on the forums on YWP NaNoWriMo), thanks!

Oh, and you know those 'How To Win NaNoWriMo Tips' that I made?  When I got stuck they weren't very helpful, but I frequently used the friend one!  I talked to my friend Katie quite a lot!  (Her username is Scottlyn on YWP NaNo, by the way!)  She has an awesome story that I just adore which is called 2030.  I love it!!  Plus, she is a fellow Dictioner.

Since I have last been on, I got the One Direction Obsession.  Oh, dear!  But they have such awesome music!  My favorite song right now by them is 'Nobody Compares' and 'Rock Me.'  Katie just loves 'Heart Attack' and I just laugh and laugh when they go 'OW!'

I will post my Pirate Sisters stuff very soon.  Thank you so much for reading this!


Friday, November 23, 2012

More NaNoWriMo Character Drawings

Yeah!  I have drawn four more characters for my shop, and plus just another one for fun.

My shop is closed until I start another one, but I hope you enjoy them! :)

Ambrose Taylor for double e.  Isn't she so pretty?  And I love One Direction, too! :)

Emily Rue for pheonixwings.  Sorry she looks a little weird!  But she turned out alright.

Eoin James LatanĂ© for Willowth3kitten.  Honestly, I think he is so handsome!  Ha, ha!  Even though he does look pretty somber.  I hope I did a good job on the scar.

Rayn for Zanetia.  I think she is just adorable!!

and a girl for Mdelani28


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Direction

OK, yeah.  I am a girl, obviously, since I write, have a blog, and like One Direction!

My best friend showed me their song That's What Makes You Beautiful (I'm sure you have all heard it!) and I loved it!  Couldn't get it out of my head!

And with their release of their new album (Take Me Home, I think), they had this song called Live While We're Young.  I loved it!!  I cannot stop getting it out my head!  It is just so cute!  It is my favorite!  I am posting the lyrics here, since I can just find it in a snap.  And you have to check out the music video, such fun!

And when Niall (the blonde) took off his shirt in the pool scene my friend and I just gasped and gasped.  Ha, ha! 
From left to right it is Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.

They are really cute, funny little British boys, that hopefully stick together until 24, and have high standards, but with Those Little Things, I don't know.  They will probably all go down the same road like all those other popstars...ugh...

But until now, I still love you One Direction! :D

Live While We're Young One Direction
LIAM PAYNE:Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on yaCome on and let me sneak you outAnd have a celebration, a celebrationThe music up, the window's down
ZAYN MALIK:Yeah, we'll be doing what we doJust pretending that we're coolAnd we know it tooYeah, we'll keep doing what we doJust pretending that we're coolSo tonight
ALL:Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sunI know we only met but let's pretend it's loveAnd never, never, never stop for anyoneTonight let's get someAnd live while we're youngWoahhh oh oh ohWoahhhh oh oh ohAnd live while we're youngWoahhh oh oh ohTonight let's get some
HARRY STYLES:And live while we're young
ZAYN MALIK:Hey girl, it's now or never, it's now or neverDon't over-think, just let it goAnd if we get together, yeah, get togetherDon't let the pictures leave your phone, ohhhh
NIALL HORAN:Yeah, we'll be doing what we doJust pretending that we're coolSo tonight
ALL:Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sunI know we only met but let's pretend it's loveAnd never, never, never stop for anyoneTonight let's get someAnd live while we're youngWoahhh oh oh ohWoahhhh oh oh ohAnd live while we're youngWoahhh oh oh ohTonight let's get some
HARRY STYLES:And live while we're young
ZAYN MALIK:And girl, you and I,We're 'bout to make some memories tonight
LOUIS TOMLINSON:I wanna live while we're youngWe wanna live while we're young
ALL:Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sunI know we only met but let's pretend it's loveAnd never, never, never stop for anyoneTonight let's get someAnd live while we're youngCrazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sunI know we only met but let's pretend it's loveAnd never, never, never stop for anyoneTonight let's get someAnd live while we're youngWanna live, wanna live, wanna liveCome on, younnnggWanna live, wanna live, wanna liveWhile we're youngWanna live, wanna live, wanna live
HARRY STYLES:Tonight let's get some
ZAYN MALIK:And live while we're young

The Nutcracker

For my 2012 YWP NaNoWriMo novel, it is called The Nutcracker.  We all know the Nutcracker, pretty little rich girl gets a nutcracker, rescues him, and they all live happily ever after.  That isn't what happens in my novel.

Basically my novel is about a girl named Clara, whom is around fifteen.  Her fiance and her father dies from a terrible disease, leaving Clara to care for her sick mother and her two little siblings, John and Louise.  Clara is very poor, but she loves Christmas, but has stopped believing in fairytales, until one night, her Godfather Drosselmeyer comes, and gives her a mysterious toy, a Nutcracker, and on one night, the nutcracker comes to life, changing her life forever.

So that is what it is about!  It will be around 30,000 words (Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is 75,000 words, but 30,000 words a lot to be written in a month!), and hopefully very interesting!

This is my cover that I made, pretty good, right?

I am now going to give you a little part from my novel.  It is unedited, since editing will be put off until December, so if there is a problem, just ignore it and leave nice comments!  And please do not steal this.  It is my novel, not yours, my words, not yours.  If you, you would be stealing.  Thanks!

The butler James opened the door with a dramatic flair, saying good day.  I blushed a little and nodded as I walked into the beautiful hall.
James then took my coat and hung it up.
“Where is Caroline?” I asked the butler.
“Right here, silly!” said a voice.  I turned around and there was Caroline.  Her light brown eyes sparked, her long brown hair still wet from the bath she had just taken.
She embraced me, and I hugged her tightly.  “Caroline!”
“Merry Christmas Eve, Clary fairy,” said Caroline.
“You, too, Carol Meryl,” I joked, using the nickname that we had as children.
“Hello, Clara!” said Mrs. Locketsen, from the open upstairs with a balcony that looked onto the door.
“Hello, Mrs. Locketsen!” I called waving.
“Come on upstairs, girls.  We need to get your ready for the party!  Caroline still needs to change.”  
I stepped back and looked at my friend.  She was dressed in a beautiful mint green dress made out of silk and pale pink ribbons.  It was very fine, and I felt a little twinge of jealousy.  Here was a beautiful piece of clothing, yet it wasn’t even Caroline’s best!
Caroline saw the quick look in my eyes and looked at me worriedly.  I knew she would’ve gladly given me money as well as all her clothes in a heartbeat, but my father’s pride ran thick in my blood.
“Coming, Ma!” Caroline called.
I then smiled at Caroline.  Forget about having pretty clothes, today was the eve before Christmas, and I wasn’t about to waste it by wishing for things I didn’t have.

Caroline excitedly babbled as she led me up the stairs, talking about all the people who were coming.  Suddenly Caroline began to bounce up and down.  “Oh, Clara, oh, Clara!  I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, but Max came home yesterday night!” Caroline said, beaming.
Max Locketsen was Caroline’s older twin brother.  He had been way from home for two years, and last time I saw him he had been my crush until he began to ignore me and his sister and study his books, and of course I had met Brandon.
“Really?  Oh, Caroline, you must be so happy!” I said, giving her another hug.
“Oh, Max!  Max!  Come here!  I have somebody you need to meet!” Caroline called.
“What Caroline!” said a deep voice.
Stumbling out of a room with glasses slipping off his nose, was Max.  Simply put, he had changed.  He was taller but still as thin a bean pole, his loose brown hair had thickened, but the stubble on his chin and the eyes had changed.  He was…different.
“Clara?” Max asked quizzically.
“Max!” I said happily.
He went to hug me, but I quickly just shook his hand, smiling up at him.  “How are you?”
“I….I’m fine!” he said, stumbling over his words.  “And you?”
“Girls!” cried Mrs. Locketsen.
“Oh, uh, see you later, Max,” I said.  
“See you, Clara,” said Max.
Caroline grabbed my arm and pulled me past him, nudging me and giving me a look.
“What?” I asked.
Caroline rolled her eyes and sighed.
Sometimes I felt like I should’ve known what she was talking about, but other times I had no idea what my best friend was getting at.
We went into Mrs. Locktsen’s room.  Beautiful honey floors, pale purple walls with purple flowers, and a beautiful canopy bed with a balcony, it was an amazing place.
Mrs. Locketsen led us into the bathroom, and had Caroline seated on the plush chair before the vanity.  She took a bristled brush and began to brush her daughter’s thick, tangled hair, as Caroline cringed.
“Clara, would you be a dear and go and get Caroline’s dress?”
“Sure!” I said.
I went into Caroline’s room and grabbed the beautiful, lovely, full pink dress with the gauzy skirt and small waist, complete with silk shoes.
By now Mrs. Locketsen had brushed her, and she and I helped Caroline into the beautiful, soft dress.  Caroline looked in the mirror and smiled.  The rose in the dress brought out the hue in her round cheeks.
Then Mrs. Locketsen went into her closet and appeared with a beautiful little velvet box.  Inside was her cosmetics.  She applied lipstick to her daughters face, along with creme under the eyes, some paint on her eyelashes and above her eyes, and penciled out her daughters beautiful eyebrows, where as mine were more bushy and pointed.
Then she towel dried Caroline’s hair as I watched.  She then took a hot iron out of the fire and curled Caroline’s beautiful hair.  After much twirling, and pulling and squealing in Caroline’s case and me running off to grab more pins and primrose, Caroline was done.
Her hair was amazing.  And then, Mrs. Locketsen pulled out two elbow length gloves, as well as a beautiful silver necklace with sparkling white diamonds, as well as matching earrings and a bracelet, in which Caroline would put on when the party began.
And then with a little squeal as she looked at the Godfather Clock on her mantle, Mrs. Locketsen shooed us out to get herself ready.
“My head hurts,” Caroline complained, but she was pretty happy and gasped when she looked at herself in the mirror.  
I felt small and ugly beside her—the fairy of all beautiful things—dressed in my plain dress.
But then Caroline beamed at me.  “Now it is your turn.”

Like it, love it?  Please say so in the comments!  Thanks! :D