Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Love with 1D

Yep, I know.  I am crazy.  But I am OBSESSED with One Direction!  They call it the One Direction Infection, I call it the One Direction Obsession!  We--yes, I know, I am one--call ourselves dictioners and call them 1D.  But honestly, they can sing pretty well, and are sooo cute!!

I am just doing this since I haven't posted in a while, but maybe my New Year's Resolution will be to blog every week, eh?

For Christmas, I printed out some photos of One Direction and gave them to my sister on nice paper.  She loved them!  My eight year old and then my two year old sister both love them, and whenever I sing their songs, I can quietly hear my two year old sister singing along with me.  Isn't that so adorable and crazy?

I got some awesome gifts for Christmas this year, but I also got their two albums: Up All Night and Take Me Home.  I love them!  It was pretty funny, but for the past few nights we have been having a Dictioner moviethon, basically watching their music videos:  That's What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Live While We're Young, and Gotta Be You.  They also have Little Things but I hate that one, but I am super excited for their new one to come out: Kiss You!  Anyway, I have been listening to them like crazy, and it is really fun, though my family is getting really annoyed by it.

Here are the lads again, just because they are so cute and I have to show them to you!

Zayn Malik is the shy guy in the group.  He loves his hair and likes to read.  :)

Niall Horan.  All the other boys are British, but he is the only Irish lad.  They are better pictures of him where he is actually smiling.  He is my favorite!  FOOD!!  Everyone calls him the cute one.

Liam Payne.  Isn't he the cutest?  He has a buzz cut now, but he looks really cute right here.  They call him Daddy Dictioner, because he is the most mature, well, as mature as you can get while being the part of the world's biggest boy band!

Since Louis Tomilison is so darn cute, I almost had to give him two!  He is the funny one in the group, as well as the oldest, but he is the silliest!  He loves carrots, Kevin, and Superman, and other crazy stuff!  You need to watch the video diaries.  They are HILARIOUS!

When you think of One Direction, you think of Harry Styles.  OK, he has curly hair that is stylish.  Good thing he lives up to his name!  I don't like him, but girls are just crazy about him!  He has a cute smile, no doubt, but even if I did like him, my two sisters are head over heels in him!

So, that is One Direction once more.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hehe! I think my breath stopped, they are so cute!!!!! :D