Sunday, January 6, 2013

C'mon C'mon Fanfic

So, to fuel my crazy One Direction Obsession, I have been writing fanfics about them...and that sounds really dumb when I write it that way, but I love it!

I wrote this one yesterday, and it was inspired by their really catchy song C'mon C'mon on their Take Me Home album.  Here is where you can watch it:

It is fairly good, and I am not going to do anything else with it, but perhaps if I get enough views I will publish my other one on here.  :)  I think it is going to be a love story between Zayn (lions, drawing, reading), Liam (movies and sweetness), and Niall (food and fun and a bit shy), but I dunno. 


“Savy, you really need to get out more,” said Kenzi, plopping on the couch next to me. 
I looked up from my sketching.  “Hmm, hmm,” I said, letting the pencil glide over the paper, adding shadow to the lions’s face.
“Are you even listening?” demanded my room-mate.
“More or less,” I muttered.  I was to focused, trying to capture the beautiful light in the majestic cat’s eyes.
“Savannah!” she said, snatching my pencil away.  
“McKenzi!” I cried, trying to grab my pencil back.  “Why did you do that?  You ruined it!” I said, pointing at the small little wavy line that it had left on the paper.
McKenzi scoffed, and then looked down at my drawing.  “Gosh, you’re so good.  It’s amazing!  Why do you always draw lions though?  Can’t you draw something cute and cuddly, like a kitten or rabbit or something?”
“I do, it’s just lions are my favorite animal,” I said.
“Yeah, yeah,” said McKenzi with a roll of her eyes.
“Can I please have my pencil back?” I asked, holding out a hand.
“Hmm, nope.”
“Kenzi…” I warned.
“C’mon!  Just hear me out!  When you aren’t at the college you are always copped up in here drawing or reading.  You need to get out more!”
“And why’s that?”
“Because it’s fun!” she said, pinching my cheek.  I swatted her hand away. 
“Shopping is boring because the malls are to packed, I prefer watching movies at home where I can eat as much popcorn as I like, and…” I shrugged.
“Oh, please!  The girls and I are going out tonight.  We’re going dancing,” cooed Kenzi.  I bit my lip, if there was more that I liked than, eating, drawing, and reading, it was dancing.  And I was fairly good at it, too.  I wasn’t the main character in the school musicals for nothing, though I didn’t have half a bad voice, either.
“What time is it at?” I said, in spite of myself.
Kenzi grinned with pleasure.  “At eight!  Great!  I have to run down to Victoria’s Secret for my shift, but I’ll be back and then we’ll have some real fun!” she said.
She then dashed away with a squeal while I tried to shout after her that watching Finding Nemo or some other kid friendly movie (any thing worse than that made my stomach ache) would be better than make a fool of herself dancing, but the only answer I got was her shutting the door from leaving our apartment.  
I groaned, and grabbed the eraser, and wiped away the mark on my paper.  “Guess I’m going dancing tonight, huh?” I said to myself.
I then put my drawings away and curled up on the couch, and turned on the TV.  The news said something about the famous British-Irish boyband One Direction being in the city, but I was to busy falling asleep to actually listen.

I watched the dancing, fingering my glass of pink lemonade as the music blared.
I had fallen asleep for way to long, because the next thing I knew was McKenzi waking me up.  She ordered me upstairs to take a shower, and then I remembered the party tonight.  I groaned, but I took an extra long one.
When I came out I dressed in the pretty blue dress that was short and had a sort of sparkly shine to it that Kenzi had laid out.  I put it on, and Kenzi cooed when she say me.  She put on the thick black belt over it and tightened it until I thought I would die of lack of air, and then helped me into nylons and some black high heels of hers.
She then painted my face so much that I thought I looked like a clown, but she insisted I looked stunning.  Then she blow dried my long dark hair, and put it up in a beautiful array of curls on my head, the pins digging into my scalp.  After adding the finishing touches, I stood before her as Kenzi smiled at me, and then said to go draw quietly on the couch like a good girl until she was ready.
I rolled my eyes, but happily took up my pencil and sketch pad, and began to draw the half eaten apple and the glass of water that was left on the table, probably by Ariel, the foodie out of us.  Beautiful Sarah was probably preening herself, and helping Ariel...

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