Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny


In celebration of this holiday, I remembered a small story I wrote when I was seven.  A small, simple story that was my first 'novel/book' ever completed.  Even at that young age, that is still the only one that is finished. ;)

It is a sweet little story about the Easter Bunny and his son: Little Cottontail.  Little Cottontail is a type of bunny that are sooo cute!  Don't you just want to squeeze it death (not really I hope!)?

Well, let's get onto my little story of mine, and I hope you enjoy it!  Please a little comment for my little self.  I still get excited over this, and have a great Easter!  Don't spend all day at the computer screen and remember that Easter isn't about the candy and the bunnies and the food but the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


The Lost Easter


       Once Upon A Time, The Easter Bunny was making Easter eggs for all the children.  He put all the Easter eggs in a basket, then he took the basket in his paws, said goodbye to his wife and his son Little Cottontail, then he hopped away. While he was delivering Easter eggs he fell in to a TRAP!  He yelled and yelled for help.

       Back at the house Mrs. Bunny and Little Cottontail were in the garden picking carrots, radishes, cabbage and other good things to eat.  Suddenly, Little Cottontail’s ear perked up from the cry.  He dropped his basket and hopped away from the garden.  Mrs. Bunny picked up Cottontail’s vegetables and brought them inside the house.  She made a salad. 

She thought that Little Cottontail was at his friend’s house.  She got her cape and walked to Little Paw’s house.  When she asked if Little Cottontail was there they said no, so she just walked home.  She knew that he would be home in time for dinner.  But when dinner came he was not there.  So, she jumped up and hopped out the door.

       Meanwhile, Little Cottontail was in a neighborhood.  He saw his father in a cage.  Little Cottontail started nibbling hard at the cage with his two front teeth.  At the same time Mrs. Bunny was hopping as fast as she could go.  When she saw the neighborhood she hopped toward it and peeked over fences.  She could not see any Easter eggs and the children’s baskets were all empty.  “That’s odd,” she thought to herself. 

       Just then she caught a scent.  She sniffed hard… it was Little Cottontail’s!  She turned her head and saw his fluffy white tail and started hopping towards it.  She was so focused on his tail that she did not see the trap!  She jumped right in. Cottontail heard it—“Bang!”  He stopped nibbling on the hard metal and turned his head.  “Mom,” said Little Cottontail. “What are you doing here?” he asked.
       Just then a man stepped out of a truck.  Little Cottontail leaped in a hole.  The man put the two bunnies in the back of the truck. The engine started. Cottontail peered out of the hole. Something shinny caught his eye… it was the cage key!  He leaped out of the hole, grabbed the key in his mouth, leaped on the truck, and unlocked the cages.  His mom and dad hopped out.

       They hopped out of the truck, then hopped out of the neighborhood.  Through the forest they ran until they got home.  In their little house they slept for a long time.  Finally the Easter Bunny got up and made some eggs, then he put them in a huge sack (he lost his basket), threw it over his shoulders and out the door he went to deliver Easter eggs.

The End