Saturday, March 23, 2013

Popstar Love 2

Oh my goodness! I'm so evil. I haven't posted in forever! Grr!! Well, here is more of Popstar Love. I have been writing a TON but not on this. :)

Anyway, enjoy! :)
And any band names would be awesome! Thanks!

As Taylor told me about Cash, I glared at the road.  How dare he do that to my best friend!  Looking at my face, Taylor laughed as she usually did when she was nervous.  “Alright Dani, let’s turn on the radio again.”

She turned it on, and we sang to the familiar lyrics, until a new song came up.  It was the huge one, the one that kids would sing all the time and drive everyone crazy.  The lyrics were amazing and the voices were great at singing.  When the song ended I stared at Taylor in shock.  “They...they sounded better than Tyler Rush!” I cried.

She laughed.  “I know!”
“They were boys, right?”
“Oh yeah.  And they are so cute!” squealed Taylor excitedly.  “They’re called One Direction, and there are five boys that are the cutest!”

I grinned.  “Lemme look them up!” I dug into my purse and grabbed my iPhone.  I tried to look them up on Safari, but sadly there was no internet.  “Dang!  There’s no internet,” I said, putting it back.
“Oh, well.  They are super cute.  Ooh!  Look!  There’s the airport!” said Taylor.  She suddenly got off the highway and we went to the airport, trying to find a parking spot.  But there was no need.  Standing in front of the airport with all her bags and boxes was Evangeline Jones.
We both squealed and I jumped out of the car giving her a huge hug.  “Evangeline!” I cried.  
“Hey, Dani!” said Evangeline, putting her back on the ground.
I stood back and looked at her.  She was dressed stylishly as always, probably even wearing one of her own clothing.  Out of us all, Evangeline was the one that loved to shop for clothing and would wear fancy stuff, wearing the best clothes.  She had been working in Chicago for a year now with a fashion designer, and she loved her job designing clothes.  Out of the three of us, Evangeline was the shortest and the most delicate looking.  She had beautiful dark hair and big soulful hazel eyes and perfect skin.  But when I looked into her face, I saw weariness and bags, and her eyes looked a little red.  Taylor wasn’t joking, she was still sobbing over the loss of her boyfriend of three years.
Evie!!” squealed Taylor.  She jumped out of the car and tackled Evangeline, giving her a huge hug.
“Hey Taylor!” said Evangeline with a laugh.  I began to pick up all of Eve’s bags and put it in the trunk.  While the other girls helped.  In no time we were once more on the road.  Evangeline sat in the back as we all laughed and talked about all the things we were going to do.
After a few hours of singing ourselves hoarse and running low on water and chips and other snacks faithful Evangeline bought, we pulled over at a gas station.  We raced each other to the restroom, and I was grateful after the long car ride.
While Evangeline bought some more snacks, I went over by Taylor, who was filling up the gas tank.  As we chit-chatted, a pickup truck with a huge trailer and an awesome Suburban pulled in, followed by an awesome motorcycle.  “Gosh, are they moving?” I joked.
Taylor shrugged.  The doors opened, and out came the passengers, the motorcycle squealing up to fill up.  There were five boys, and they were all very handsome--the kind of kids you find at the jock’s table or those ‘boy-bands’ they talk about on tv.  They all joked and laughed and nudged each other excitedly, the one with the dark hair that had rode the motorcycle went inside, followed by one with curly hair.
The other three boys were filling up their tanks, and Taylor and I stared transfixed.
“Are they cuter than Tyler Rush?” I whispered.
Taylor shrugged.  “I dunno, but I wanna meet them!” she said.  I grabbed her arm and rolled my eyes with a laugh.  
“Ah, Taylor, a little too boy crazy are we?” I said.
Taylor blushed.  She suddenly took a step toward me and whispered in my ear.  “The super cute blonde one is watching you.”
I turned around and saw indeed one of them was watching me.  He had thick, wavy sandy blonde hair and a perfect athletic build, and I blushed.  He, too, looked away quickly when he saw I noticed.
Just then Evangeline came out, her arms full of goodies.  I immediately went to help her, and then we all got in the car.  Taylor blared on the radio, and my favorite song came up by Tyler Rush.
We all began to scream the lyrics, and I laughed as we pulled out.  I stuck my head out the window, and the three boys were staring at me.  I grinned, and waved at them cheekily, and they laughed and waved back.
I want, I want, I want, but that’s crazy!  I want, I want, I wanted to be loved by you!” we sang.
After a few more songs came on, the same song that was sung by One Direction came on, and Taylor and I laughed as we tried to sing the lyrics.  “Oh!  Hey, Evie, do you have internet?” I asked.  “I wanna see a picture of them!”
Evangeline was silent, and Taylor was focused on the road, trying to figure out where we were.  I turned around, and looked at the back seat.  Evangeline was holding her iPhone.  She was trying to breathe, and her mascara was running down her face with tears.
“Evangeline?” I whispered, touching her arm.
She looked up, her hazel eyes full of sadness.  “Evie, what’s wrong?” I asked.
She sniffed.  “I...I...Cash...Cash want’s me back,” she whispered.
I stared at her, and glanced at Taylor.  For once, Taylor looked angry as she gripped the steering wheel.  “What?  Why?”
She shrugged.  “He...he just texted me and…”
I snatched the phone away though she tried to take it back, but I ignored her.  The jerk had indeed text her, and it wasn’t a long one:

Ev, i wantcha back. luv ya, babe. xoxo
He could at least learn grammar and how to spell, I thought darkly.
“Danielle!  Give it back!” cried Evangeline.
I ignored her, and quickly texted him back.  It wasn’t a nice one, and I gave him a good yelling, but I was proud.  He wouldn’t dare text her back.
“What did you do?” moaned Evangeline as I handed it back to her.
“I told him that he is the biggest jerk for dumping the sweetest girl ever, and that she is partying at the Sand Dune Beaches having the time of her life with her best friends and if he texts you again I am going to come and personally hunt him down,” I said.
Evangeline laughed through her tears.  “Thanks, Dani.  And Taylor.  This vacation is just what we need--free of boys and nights of constant partying.”
“That’s right!” I said, and Taylor rolled down the windows, the wind blowing back our hair.

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